Medico Legal Reports

For over three decades our practise has been assisting lawyers and their clients with medico legal reports and cases.

Assessing the psychological and emotional impact involved in Victims Compensation including sexual assault and domestic violence matters, General Compensation claims, medical negligence, post traumatic stress disorder, accident and injury and other matters involving pain and suffering and consequent loss of lifestyle requires professional expertise and specialist skills.

Our consultants have informed knowledge of relevant laws, comprehensive knowledge of appropriate assessment tests, report preparation and presentation. In addition, we strive to establish good working relationships and rapport with claimants and their legal team.

We can conduct interviews and medico legal reports and assessments in our rooms or anywhere in rural New South Wales and beyond. Our goal is to ensure prompt return of medico legal reports.

We have experience in providing a team of consultants to handle multiple claimants in class actions matters and ensuring cross ratter reliability.